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The initial plan was to start this expedition in India and end it in Thailand, but I found such a cheap flight to Bangkok that I decided to rearrange everything and travel in the opposite direction. I’ve spent my first few days in Bangkok now. The weather is as expected, hot, damp, and sticky. Bangkok [...]

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Due to the recent tragedies in the Philippines, I’m considering to re-route my expedition and start there instead.

Please contact me if you’re in need of my services, and keep in mind that since I’m travelling to that part of the world anyway, you won’t have to cover any travel expenses.

/Simon –

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Great news! Yet another fantastic brand has decided to sponsor the asian expedition. My newest companion is the fantastic alpine/trekking brand Salomon which creates superb adventure clothes and shoes. Their contribution will come in extra handy during the Nepal/North Indian section of the trip, where lots of trekking in shifting weather conditions will be a major challenge.

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Under Uppsala Fotofestival kommer jag vara med och ställa ut ett par fotografier på det så kallade ‘Planket’. Vi är ett tjugotal fotografer som har fått en kvadratmeter var att göra något kul med. Kom gärna förbi och titta runt lite, det kommer finnas mängder av kul att titta på, och festivalen håller på hela [...]

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I’ll be working for a Swedish sobriety organisation helping them with their important mission of preventing drug related abuse. They have activities in several countries in South East Asia, although I’ve decided to put my focus on Burma (Myanmar). Once there, the task of illustrating drug abuse starts, but with the catch of not making [...]

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Hi all,

It is my great honour and pleasure to announce that I am now sponsored by the major camera bag brand Lowepro!

This will be a fantastic addition to my upcoming expedition to Asia (read more about it under ‘Expeditions’) and it feels great to know that such a high quality brand ‘covers my back’.

New Exhibition - Utställning under Kulturnatten i Uppsala hos Akademihotellet
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Under Kulturnatten i Uppsala den 14:e september kommer jag att ställa ut bilder hos Akademihotellet (Övre Slottsgatan 5) mellan kl 15:00-20:00.

Jag samt min målande vän Miriam Granat delar under kvällen på sal ‘Doktoranden’. Vi kommer hänga där under kvällen så glid gärna förbi och säg hej, ta en kaffe, och titta runt lite.

Meet the children in Mikindani
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In the western part of Mombasa, Kenya, lies a slum area called Mikindani. During three weeks I was stationed there to photograph and write an article for an NGO which has a school in the area. Despite the truly terrible living conditions these people have, the children never looses their spirit, and are always joyful and laughing.

Exhibition in Croatia
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Right now I’m participating in a photography exhibition in Zagreb, Croatia. My local photography club has been invited to the Zagreb photography club as a way of saying thanks for us inviting them to Sweden last year. As if traveling abroad to have an exhibition isn’t good enough, visiting a photography club is like winning [...]

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My client is a humanitarian NGO which has a couple of projects in Latvia. For this particular assignment gifts were collected (mostly food) all over Sweden and then driven over to Latvia. These gifts were then repacked in to banana boxes (as you can see in the first shot) which we, with the aid of [...]