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Nepal – An abrupt ending to the Asian expedition

The Himalayas. The largest mountain range in the world. The initial plan was to spend some days exploring Kathmandu, and then take the bus to Pokhara to do some serious trekking up to the Annapurna base camp from which you can enjoy 14 peaks at around 7-8000m (23-26,500 ft) and watch a spectacular sunrise at a place called Poon Hill.

When I was done in Nepal, the plan was to take the bus south down into India with Mumbai as the final destination for the whole expedition. Sadly though, things didn’t go as expected…


Angkor Wat has been a on my bucket list since I was a child, so traveling to Cambodia was a big deal for me. The visit to Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples was amazing. I could have stayed for ages photographing in there if it wasn’t for the $40/three days entry fee. We’ve all seen the iconic sunrise pictures of Angkor Wat, and since I was there, I decided to take some myself. So I scouted the area for a good place come back to and shoot from the next morning, and started to prepare for the day after. The sun was expected to rise at 06:30am. But you know those days when everything just seems to go wrong, well, the following day turned out to be one of them…

And so the journey has begun…

The initial plan was to start this expedition in India and end it in Thailand, but I found such a cheap flight to Bangkok that I decided to rearrange everything and travel in the opposite direction. I’ve spent my first few days in Bangkok now. The weather is as expected, hot, damp, and sticky. Bangkok is a perfect place to explore both urban and sub urban living conditions here in Asia, but…

Need my services in the Philippines?

Due to the recent tragedies in the Philippines, I’m considering to re-route my upcoming Asian expedition and start there instead. Please contact me if you’re in need of my services, […]

Asian Expedition Fall/Winter 2013

During this Fall a three month long expedition through Asia is planned with the purpose of collecting material for an exhibition. The theme will be to portray people with severe disadvantages in life, whether it be through poverty, social exclusion, human rights, labour rights, or health related. The itinerary is as shown on the map above, and the whole expedition is expected to take place during November-February.

The project is all about raising awareness about how terribly unequal the social and economical conditions are depending on where in this world you happen to be born. It’s remarkably easy to forget that we all live on the same planet, and that those of us who have the ability to help, also have a responsibility to do so.


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