As a photographer, showing your images in print or on the web in the best quality possible is not only satisfying, but paramount, I’d argue. Regardless if we make a living of our craft, or pursue it by passion alone, delivering high quality images is what we do, so showcasing them in an inferior way doesn’t make much sense.

We all know that when it comes to images, Facebook adds some pretty nasty compression to our images making them look now way near as clear and crisp as the original files. Little did I know that there’s a great workaround for uploading images to Facebook that retains the sharpness from the originals, making the images look just as good as they do in your image software of choice. I won’t get technical here, I couldn’t do it justice anyway, so just dig into the article below instead. If you, like me, are constantly annoyed by Facebook for messing up your images whenever you upload them, then check out this excellent article by Nino Batista. I tried this myself a few days ago and by the looks of it, my days as an annoyed Facebook user are over (at least in that respect).

Because of this, I’ve made the bold decision to re-upload most of my portfolio on Facebook. This will of course mean that all the likes and comments will be lost, but I believe it’s for the greater good. The point of my business is to deliver high quality images, so it’s quite contradicting to showcase them in anything but high quality. The plan is to upload/delete one shot per day over a month or so. That way, I might still regain some of the likes and comments that the ‘old’ versions had gotten.